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Flame Enterprises

Flame Enterprises

Flame Enterprises

Quantity  –  Quality  –  Quickly

Flame Enterprises is a distributor of electro-mechanical parts. Similarly, they have been serving the Aerospace, Military and Transportation markets since 1969.

Flame Enterprises was set up with the simple philosophy of creating a ready inventory of electro-mechanical items. In turn, for those customers burdened by the long factory lead-times inherent in these products. Eventually, their innovative approach to inventory management supplies customers immediate access to products. As a result, allowing them to complete their projects on time, removing the uncertainty that comes with these manufacturer’s lead-times.

As one of the largest stocking distributors in the industry, Flame Enterprises pride themselves on the relevance of inventory as it relates to customer’s needs. The key Purchasing Management Team has an average of 30 years of experience in the industry.  Again, translating into excellent long-term relationships with suppliers and an in depth understanding of the products they manufacture. Customers receive help from having access to the products they need. Along with, the customer service from sales staff that comes with the many years of industry specific experience.

The updated product line-up meets the growing demands of the industry. Therefore, the focus will always be electro-mechanical products. Before long, Flame Enterprises specialised in the supply of many different product types



Relays, circuit breakers, sockets, elapsed time meters, switches, indicators, power connectors, illuminated pushbuttons, and junction modules and splices.


Not only will you be satisfied with the product offerings, but your requests will also receive care and attention throughout the customer service process. From quality control to shipping and handling, customers can be confident that their goods are in professional hands.

Over the years as the business climate changes, Flame Enterprises’ original philosophy of keeping the world’s largest electro-mechanical inventory has not. For this reason, to readily support the market’s current needs. Flame Enterprises’ motto was, and will always remain, “Quality-Quantity-Quickly”.

Our innovative approach to inventory management provides our customers immediate access to products, allowing them to complete their projects on time, removing the uncertainty that comes with manufacturers lead times.

Flame Enterprises Product Lines include:

Circuit Breakers

Elapsed Time Meters


Junction Modules/Splices

Power connectors

Relays / Relays Sockets


Flame Enterprises maintains being the 'World's largest electromechanical stocking distributor' which readily helps to support the market's current needs.

Air & Marine Products has now joined forces with one of the largest stocking distributors of electro-mechanical components in the United States as their European sales force. Flame Enterprises has been an established leader in the U.S. for 40 years and continually hold many millions of components in stock.

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