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Safran Electrical & Power

Safran Electrical & Power, USA

Electrical & Power

At the heart of the design and production of aeronautical electrical systems, Safran Electrical & Power is an expert in the entire onboard electrical power chain, and the active representative of Safran in the area of the “more electric” aircraft.

Safran Electrical & Power designs and assembles components aiming to control, switch and distribute electrical power, notably in commercial and general aviation, military aircraft and off-highway vehicle markets. Most of them perform in harsh environments and therefore require a high degree of performance and reliability.

It includes relays and contactors, circuit breakers, remote control circuit breakers, and also power and load management systems. A range of non-illuminated switch products: toggles, rockers, pushbutton, snap action, sealed limit, together will all the associated switch guards and shields is also offered.


Performance Rated Relays and Remote-Control Circuit Breakers

Hermetically and environmentally sealed power relays so as to meet exacting MIL-R-6106 requirements for high-humidity, high-impact and, high temperature conditions. Safran Electrical & Power Sarasota plant has been a leader in environmentally sealed products. Safran offers a wide range of Mil-Spec qualified relays and application specific devices. Check our inventory search for your unique requirement.


Performance Rated Switches

Each switch design is perfected for your particular application by using the appropriate switch mechanism. Options include extended-life, snap-action, tapered, and limit switch versions. Performance ranges from logic level to high power applications. Safran Electrical & Power Sarasota plant offers the full line of switch products; toggles, pushbuttons, rockers, snap action, sealed limit together with all the associated switch guards and shields. Our inventory covers them all.


Thermal Circuit Breakers

Safran Electrical & Power electric distribution and controls produces a diverse line of performance rated “power and load management products” in order to serve stringent applications in the aerospace and commercial markets. The acquisition of Mechanical Products Inc adds a complete product offering of thermal breakers, from the extensive Boeing qualifications to the broad array of Mil-Spec approvals, Safran offers the complete solution.

Products and Systems from Safran Electrical & Power plant located in Sarasota, Florida function to control, switch and distribute electrical power in commercial and general aviation, military aircraft, and off-highway vehicle markets

Safran Electrical & Power is an expert in the entire energy chain on board of an aircraft including:






Load management


Systems integration

Support and services

Engineered interfaces includes relays, toggle and rocker switches, miniature switches, limit switches, push-button switches, remote control circuit breakers and power and load management systems.

Most products and systems have to perform in very harsh environments and require an extremely high degree of performance reliability.

The company works with, amongst others, Boeing and Airbus on all of their civil programs, notably for the 787 Dreamliner and the A380, and equips several fighter planes such as the Rafale (Dassault Aviation), the F-22 (Boeing), or the F-16 (Lockheed Martin)

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