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Air & Marine Products is able to supply a range of relays, including gasket or hermetically sealed, remote control circuit breakers (RCCB), high-voltage DC contactors and lightweight contactors.

Our Range of Relays

Safran Avionics

DRI Relays Inc. (DRI) design and manufacture electro-mechanical hermetically sealed relays, time delay devices and mating sockets. This includes applications that require high reliability and long life in harsh environments to support activities in the aerospace, military, rail, and space markets.

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As well as relays, Leach International is a manufacturer of aerospace switching components used in the commercial and military aerospace industry.

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Safran’s complete product portfolio allows flexibility to partner with customers having a variety of relay and contactor subsystem and component needs. In fact, Safran’s engineers design added value into traditional power distribution components and subsystems through electronics. Not to mention balancing customer concerns for size, weight, cost, and performance. Consequently, Safran’s Power Distribution Boxes are a prime example of value-added engineering. Proven relay, contactor, and circuit breaker products packaged into a single line replaceable assembly. This offers the user a customized power module that significantly reduces overall system weight, improves system level reliability, and maintainability. Finally, the Safran product portfolio, recognized in the aerospace industry as MIL qualified for performance rated power distribution products.

MIL-PRF-83383, MIL-R-6106/9, /10, /11, and MILR-6101/48 ensures the customer of relays and contactors that will work in the most challenging environments. Consequently, these same component design considerations get incorporated into Safran’s latest designs. Such as High Voltage DC Contactors, and, also in subsystem designs such as a Power Distribution Box (PDB).

The relay and contactor product portfolio includes:

  • Smart Contactors with current sensing protection, Ground Fault Interrupt technology, or Arc Fault Circuit Interrupt technology
  • 28 Vdc Contactors (50 to1000 amperes)
  • 270 Vdc Contactors (25 to 350 amperes)
  • 115/230 Vac 400 Hertz Contactors (30 to 430 amperes)
  • 750 Vdc Contactors (100 to 600 amperes)
  • Power Distribution Junction Boxes

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