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Sealing Solutions

Sealing Solutions

Air & Marine Products is able to supply a range of sealing products.

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APM’s sealing boots are designed to protect your switches and potentiometers from hostile environments without compromising, or interfering with, the unit’s basic operation.

Each seal is made from tough, high tear-strength elastomer resistant to most chemicals, lubricants, acids and solvents. And each remains flexible over a wide operating temperature range … with many units rated at -94°F to +400°F. Most toggle, pushbutton and rotary shaft models feature a molded-in mounting nut, thus serving as both a reliable seal and mechanical mounting. In addition each HEXSEAL ® and E-SEEL ® features an integral proprietary sealing rib which serves to seal the panel cutout in which the component is mounted … thus protecting behind-panel circuitry from leakage or blow-by. Full toggle, pushbutton and rocker switch boots completely envelop the front-of-panel switch mechanism, providing reliable protection even under high-pressure washdowns. Rotary shaft and half toggle/pushbutton seals (in which the actuator protrudes) are designed to snugly hug the actuator to protect against entry of moisture, oil, dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

APM Hexseal invented and patented pre-assembled self-sealing fasteners designed to provide both fastening and sealing integrity in a single unit. Their design features a resilient O-ring held captive in a precision-engineered groove under the fastener head. This combination of precise groove geometry and O-ring characteristics results in an absolute seal regardless of surface finish, while still providing full metal-to-metal contact. Vibration-resistant and re-usable, SEELSKREWS® , SEELBOLTS® , and SEELNUTS® can withstand internal/external pressures up to 6,000 psi/vacuum at temperatures from -160°F to +500°F.


Made in the U.S.A., APM Hexseal self-sealing fasteners are available in standard and metric thread sizes. And the integral seal can be formulated for compatibility with a wide range of gases and liquids. They represent a superior sealing alternative to sealing compounds, tape, chemical coatings, and deformable washers that attempt to seal the threadform.

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