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Air & Marine Products is able to supply a range of switches and indicators, including pushbutton, illuminated pushbutton, toggle, rocker, miniature, rotary, limit, proximity, foot and snap action.

Our Range of Switch and Indicators

Air & Marine Products is able to supply, but not limited to the range of switches below.  Please click on the category in which you are interested to be given a further, more detailed explanation of what we can supply

Safran Avionics Switches & Indicators
Safran Avionics and Safran Power Systems

The complete ED&C product portfolio recognised in the aerospace industry as MIL qualified for performance rated switching producs, also includes:

o A variety of aerospace switches that include rocker, toggle, pushbutton and limit.

o Pilot Controls such as customized flap controls, landing gear controls, throttle controls, trim controls (for mechanical pitch, roll and yaw), and fire emergency controls.

o Displays, readable in both direct sunlight and at night, including the popular Series 900 fibre optic displays as well as displays with surface mount devices and programmable electronic arrays.

o Keyboards that are sunlight and night-light readable and suited for virtually any application. Safran keyboards also incorporate logic boards, photo sensors, rotary and toggle switches, and annunciators, and have features such as microprocessor interfacing and programmable logic control.

o NVIS products such as cockpit controls, displays and keyboards, and illuminated pushbutton switches conform to MIL and NVIS specifications and unique customer needs.

o Illuminated Pushbutton switches with a multitude of options ranging from sun light readable, NVIS-compatible, incandescent and LED lighting to various mounting and termination options for flexible installation and retrofit applications. Safran’s most popular, Series 584, is qualified to MIL-S-22885/110.

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Safran’s portfolio of aerospace and commercial switch products includes thousands of different aerospace switches and commercial switches with complementary hardware and accessories. These devices have a broad range of applications ranging from commercial aviation to military fighters, from construction vehicles to mass transit rail, and from armoured vehicles to the Space Shuttle. With such a broad application range, Safran has the experience to transfer this aerospace switch technology to other demanding environments that require specific performance levels and sealing requirements due to harsh operating conditions.

Each switch design is optimized for the customer’s particular application by using the appropriate switch mechanism. Options include contactless, extended-life, snap-action, tapered, and limit switch versions. Additionally, the formation of the Electric Distribution and Controls product family has allowed Safran to build on its long pedigree with complementary aerospace products, including illuminated pushbutton switches, pilot controls, displays, and keyboards. This broad aerospace product portfolio allows Safran to position itself as a supplier of proven aerospace components as well as a provider of integrated subsystem solutions. Safran has successfully marketed subsystems in both the aerospace and agriculture industries.

Safran’s complete product portfolio allows flexibility to partner with customers having a variety of switch subsystem and component needs. Safran’s engineers design additional value into traditional switching components and subsystems through electronics, while balancing customer concerns for size, weight, cost, and performance. Safran’s experience in designing switches to MIL Spec requirements such as MIL-S-8805, MIL-S-22885, MIL-S-83731, MIL-S-8834, and MIL-S-3950 ensures the customer of a switch that will operate in the most challenging environments and in accordance with the strictest performance requirements. These same component design considerations are incorporated into overhead cockpit panels. Safran’s Console Mounted Overhead Panel (CMOP) is a prime example of Safran’s subsystem supplier capability.

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Honeywell Switches
Micro Switch – a division of Honeywell

Honeywell Sensing & Controls Offers a complete line of rugged, high performance switches. A complete selection includes miniature limit switches, miniature and standard size basic switches, sealed toggle switches and the highest quality pushbuttons.

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Otto Toggle Switches
OTTO design and manufacture a full line of switches and operator controls for demanding applications. Their switch product line includes digital and analog output, sealed and lighted, transducers, basics, trim, limit, slide, snap action, rocker, pushbutton, toggle and rotary switches. They provide a variety of solutions for military and commercial applications including joysticks with Hall Effect technology, USB, PWM, CANopen® & J1939

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