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Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

Air & Marine Products is able to supply a range of circuit breakers, including thermal, arc-fault detection, single phase and three phase

Our Range of Circuit Breakers

Air & Marine Products is able to supply, but not limited to the range of circuit breakers below.  Please click on the category in which you are interested to be given a further, more detailed explanation of what we can supply

Safran Power Circuit Breakers
The Safran Power product portfolio includes:

o Electro-mechanical thermal circuit breakers (0.5 to 300 amperes) – single phase or three phase thermally actuated devices offered in conventional design or with integrated Arc Fault Circuit Interrupt technology

o Remote Control Circuit Breakers (5 to 125 amperes) – single phase or three-phase devices sold separately or as a subsystem when combined with a necessary indicator control unit (0.5 ampere circuit breaker).

o Electromechanical Remote Power Controllers (125 to 200 amperes) – single-phase devices sold separately or as a subsystem when combined with a necessary indicator control unit (0.5 ampere circuit breaker).

Down Load Catalogue

To enhance Safran Power’s position in the market, Eaton Aerospace Electric Distribution and Controls acquired the aerospace thermal circuit breaker product line of Mechanical Products (MP) in November 2002. The circuit breakers have had a strong record of reliability and performance in aerospace and military applications since the 1940’s.

Safran Power’s complete product portfolio allows flexibility to partner with customers having a variety of circuit breaker subsystem and component needs. Safran Power’s engineers design additional value into traditional thermal circuit breaker components and subsystems through electronics, while balancing customer concerns for size, weight, cost, and complexity. Arc Fault Interrupt Technology is a prime example of value added engineering. A proven design package (i.e. thermal circuit breaker) is modified so its functionality addresses emerging airline carrier and Federal Aviation Administration needs to protect the aging aircraft fleet and satisfy SFAR 88 requirements.

The Safran Power product portfolio is recognized in the aerospace industry as MIL qualified for performance rated switching products. These components support the design and manufacture of primary power distribution panels and circuit breaker panels as well.


Eaton Heinemann Circuit Breakers

During the early 1940’s Heinemann circuit breakers went to war and due to the widespread use of electronic equipment it led to the circuit breakers being installed onto every kind of fighter ship. This led to Heinemann’s advance into the growing industrial and consumer electronics market.

Today Eaton Heinemann are still the leading manufacturer of OEM circuit breakers. Heinemann have now been combined with Cutler-Hammer in order to provide customers with the best protective solutions available in the world from 12 to 38,000 volts.

Eatons’s complete line up of low and medium voltage circuit breakers and fuses are used to provide circuit protection in alternative energy, commercial, industrial, mining and military applications, where they protect against overloads and short circuits in conductors. Eaton Heinemann circuit breakers provide worldwide circuit protection.

Klixon Circuit Breakers
Sensata Technologies has pioneered virtually every circuit breaker style used today as well as solid-state power controller technology for next generation aircraft.

o Power distribution systems on commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and military vehicles
o Avionics
o Ground support equipment
o Missile launcher systems
o Aircraft simulators

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E-T-A has over 60 Years of Success as a Global Provider of Circuit Protection Devices

They offer a variety of trip characteristics, providing optimum protection against over current for any kind of application. Their wide product range includes thermal, thermal-magnetic, purely magnetic and hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, also as a fuse replacement, including high performance circuit breakers and comprehensive electronic solutions.

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