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Specialist for electro-mechanical components.

Initially Comtronic, founded as a distribution company, has since become a reliable partner for the supply of electro-mechanical components. the manufacturing of connectors started in 2000.

The MicroCom line from Comtronic meets the need for ultra-miniature high reliable connectors that can be assembled simply and rapidly. As a result, the design concept makes special features possible and preassembled parts assure the user of unbelievable simple, rapid, and economical assembly. The coaxial connectors require only a single operation to attach the connector and cable. With the crimping of the cable, the separation force between the cable and the connector approaches the average breaking strengths of the shield. The multipin connectors are correspondingly simple to assemble, with a minimum of loose parts and minimum assembly operation to perform. This technique resulting a tremendous saving for tooling and labour costs. The result of the special design is an extremely high EMC shielding, highest reliability even in very harsh environment.


Comtronic can supply innovation capability and a big experience to find a solution for specific high-end applications. Comtronic supplies the demand for highest mechanical reliability, high temperatures, and miniaturisation. Based on existing components like Twist Pin contacts or housings, is possible, even in small quantities.

Comtronic has its own manufacturing equipment like lathes, milling machines and injection moulding. As a result, this enables them to realise the customer’s demand in a short time and for all quantities.


A well-equipped manufacturing production line allows for the assembly of high-grade harnesses. Along with, different moulding technologies like Hot Melt, 2-part Epoxy moulding and Injection moulding makes it possible to supply the most economical solution for each application.

Only high precision machines from Schleuninger are used, especially for small wire sizes. A wide range of crimp tooling for machined and stamped contacts assures high flexibility and quick reaction. In the same way, electrical measurement equipment on each workstation for midterm testing and final testing with documentation assure a high-quality standard.

Finally, Comtronic guarantees 100% electrical testing.

First-rate, reliable products that are custom engineered to meet specific requirements in both civil and military applications, attribute to the company’s sustained success.

Comtronic offers a high degree of flexibility in meeting individual customer demands, as regards lot sizes, delivery times and the products themselves.

Comtronic has its own:

Automatic lathes

High precision milling machines

Mould making

Injection moulding

Assembly shops for cables and connectors

Clean room class 5000

Use their experience of 40 years for our procurement in discontinued products, long delivery times and special requirements.

The company has 2,000 m2 of manufacturing space, 60 highly qualified employees and a strong focus on custom-engineered equipment for specific applications in the aerospace and defence sectors.

They hold certification ACC. EN9100 for highest quality, outstanding employees, the latest production equipment and an extensive measurement and test equipment secure their quality.

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